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Expanding to other markets means also stepping into another culture. If words are power, graphic design is the vessel that carries it forward. When localizing your content, we go all the way from words to graphics. We have the artistic and creative skills to communicate your brand’s message and value through colours and images.

Text isn’t the only element that speaks to your customers when they visit your website. Often, images are more powerful than words. Each market and country has a different lifestyle and culture. If you want your brand to go global, make sure that the imagery, colours, and layouts resonate with their cultural values. We can do all that for you. Our localized design experts can make your colours shine across borders.

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Our tribute to localized graphic design: colours

Colour symbolism varies significantly across the globe. Every region has a different perception of colours. Our graphic design localizers only use colours that match the colour palette and expectations of your target audience and your brand guidelines.

What does localized graphic design involve?

Localized graphic design is more than just adapting visuals and colours. It also involves a complete adjustment of your imagery to ensure consistency with the locale’s norms. Our graphic design localization services span landing page design, online banners, brochures, and more.

The world behind images

We localize your imagery down to the finest detail. We consider font family, size, weight, and layout when putting together your PDF, manuals or leaflets. Did we also mention we do DTP? Our Desktop Publishers go above and beyond to adapt your design to new locales.

Scaling up

When localizing your UI, we allow for up to 35% text expansion, so your translated copy will fit a skillfully crafted layout that your users will love.

The right tools for the job

To design the perfect UI for your target audience, we deploy a whole arsenal of nifty tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and many more.

Mind the script

Languages like Arabic and Hebrew use right-to-left scripts and have very particular calligraphy. We adjust your layout to impress your users with an eye-catching design.

Design by your book

We stick to your locale’s colour spectrum, your design specifications and preferred fonts. Our crafty graphic designers can work with any CMS, WordPress, Wix, and you name it.

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Our satisfied clients speak to our success


I recently used Pangea for UI translations and found the process was impeccable. Very pleased with their service, definitely recommended.

Product Manager

We have recently started working with Pangea and we are satisfied with their translations. The turnaround is fast, the price is reasonable, and based on the sampled QA we have done, the quality is very good.

Organic Growth and ASO
 JFD Brokers

Swift and exact in each project, Pangea is an everyday first-class translation provider for us in few languages. The agency is a great partner to work with. We would always recommend their services. Thanks, guys!

JFD Brokers
Content Writer

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Pangea. They are professional, uber responsive, and extremely efficient with the fastest turnaround time I have ever experienced.

Chief Executive Officer

I would highly recommend Pangea Translations for an exclusive professional service. The competence of their linguists, translation quality, time, and personalized customer care are impressive.

Localization Manager
 Synot Games

Always a pleasure to work with Pangea, a very professional and flexible approach, and most importantly, great translation work.

Synot Games

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